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FAQ: Personal orders

What exactly is a personal order?

A personal order is an order from So-Adorkable for yourself, or for a group of people. You can place your order anytime you want, as long as you put in the comments that you want it as a personal order. You do not have to wait for batch deadlines. In other words, it's kind of your own batch!

How is this different from a batch order?

In a batch order, many people's orders are gathered together and one big order is placed in effort to save on shipping. This one has deadlines-- If you miss it, you have to wait for the next one. If one person's item is delayed, the whole package it delayed.

Do I have to pay extra shipping?

Yes, you will. We recommend that if you want to place a personal order, you order a whole a lot or you get your friends to order with you and split shipping. That way, shipping per item is less.

How much is shipping for a personal order?

Minimum shipping is $15.

What! Minimum shipping is $15? You are crazy.

The shipping method used is EMS, which is extremely fast and reliable for international shipping. Otherwise, it'll probably take maybe 1-2 months just to come overseas (and which might get lost in the process). You are essentially paying for speed and security.

Can I back out if shipping is too much for my budget?

Sure thing! I will let you know your shipping cost before I place the order, so you can confirm whether or not you want to go through with it. You can also remove/add things from your order.

You cannot back out after you confirm and after I place the order.

How long will it take to get here?

Shipping for personal orders are usually much faster than the batch orders. If nothing gets delayed, the fastest is one week in business days, otherwise it shouldn't take longer than two weeks in business days.

Does it get shipping to me or you?

Your choice. You can either have it shipped to me and I will sort everything out for you (good if you don't want your parents to find out, or for whatever reason), and then we meet up after to exchange.

It can be shipped directly to your house (if you ordered a large amount or live out of Edmonton). This means that I need to receive payment from you before I can order.

amazing (:

i've shopped here before and that was awhile back and im glad that they have new instock and im ready to buy more (:
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Amazing place to shop. c:

I bought a pair of shoes which I always got compliments on even from random strangers. LOL. & I bought a cape type of jacket which looks great paired...
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Love this site. :)

I've shopped with so-adorkable twice I believe, and every time has gone very well. The products and clothes that are on here are all really great and...
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