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FAQ: Item related

I'm scared that the clothes will not fit. Can you help me?

Ladies: Freesize will fit size XS-M here.
Men: Large will fit size S-M here. A rare medium size is if you wear XS here.

Your measurements are weird. It's way to small to be measured around.

Well if it's too small to be measured around, the it is measured across. And if it is too big to be measure across, then it is measure around.

You do not have sizes posted! How do I know what sizes are available?

If there are no size choices, it usually means free size. Otherwise, we may have missed posting up measurements. Contact us to confirm.

What does "free size" mean?

One size fits all. For women: XS-M here. For men: S-M here.

Can you get [this item] in [this size] or [this color]?

If it's not one of the choices, then no.

How do I convert my shoe size to Korean shoe sizes?

Women's conversion chart here.
Men's conversion chart here.

How do I know my ring size?

Measure around your finger with a measuring tape, or dental floss and a ruler and compare with this chart: HERE.

What;s the difference between Gatsby colors?

Check it out with this chart HERE.

Can I mix and match things with a "x amount for $x" deal?

Yes, you can. Your total will be adjusted after you submit your order.

Can you help me sell something?

Sure. You just have to send us a picture, price and description of your item. You are responsible for meeting up with the interested buyer.

What if I like a couple shirt, but I don't have anyone to share it with?

Let me know, I might be able to get it as a single.

Why don't you have gold jewelry?

I'm biased. I don't like gold jewelry. Plus, silver looks better anyways. If you want gold jewelry, feel free to request.

What do I put for alternative color?

You put in another color that you would want, in case your first choice was out of stock. If you don't want another color, just leave it blank, or put in, No.

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