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FAQ: General

Why do you want my cell phone number?

Much easier to get a hold of you when items come in, or something is out of stock.

I don't want to register. Can I e-mail you with my order instead?

No. All order must be placed on the site to be valid. That way, we both have a copy of what was ordered.

How do I know if you received my order?

Check your e-mail. You should have received an automated order confirmation e-mail with your order# right after you have placed your order. Also, check your order history. If it's there, then we received it. A second confirmation e-mail out which changes your status to "Processing".

Can I change or cancel my order?

As long as it's before the order deadline.

What does order date/deadline mean?

The order date/deadline is the last day I will accept orders before organizing and sending it out. For example, if order date is June 1, then orders close on June 1 at 11:59pm.

How often will you order? When is the next order date?

Orders do not happen on a regular schedule. It happens based on our schedules and depends on how busy we are with life. Becoming a fan on Facebook, following us on Twitter or regularly checking back is the best way to stay informed.

I missed the order date. What now?

Either wait for the next order date or find out if you are eligible for a personal order.

How do I pay? What is cash on delivery?

If you live in Edmonton, you will be paying cash when we meet up (hence the delivery). Cash on Delivery is just the default payment method. Do not worry about it. To make the exchange less sketchy, if you could put the cash in an envelope or something, that would be awesome.

If you live in Canada/USA, you are welcome to pay using well-concealed cash at your own risk, or paypal.

If you live internationally, the only payment method accepted is paypal.

How do I conceal cash well in the mail?

Wrap the money in newspaper, index cards, flyers, several pieces of paper, etc. Because you can't send money through the mail, you have to somehow make it so that other people cannot figure out there is money in the envelope (ex: when lifting it up to the lights). I would recommend sending bills, and I will give change, since it is easier for my to "hide" the money in your package.

Where can we meet up?

This will be discussed when your items are here.

When will you ship my items?

After the items have arrived, I will ship your items the day after I receive your payment. Yes, that means you have to send payment first, before I ship.

What is included in the price I am paying?

Local shipping costs within Korea, international shipping costs to Canada and of course the item itself. There is no GST fees. (Other extra fees that may be added on later: late fees, paypal fees, Canadian custom fees, shipping costs).

What happens if something is out of stock?

I apologize in advance if this happens. I will contact you while I'm ordering to see if you want to change color or add something else, however if you do not reply within 24 hours, it won't be changed. Other times, I only find out your item is out of stock when the shipment arrives at my house. When that happens, you will not be charged for the item.

Will it ever be back in stock?

98% of the time, no.

How long does it take for items to get here?

It takes about 3 days to a week for domestic shipping within Korea. This is when the different sellers in Korea are shipping to the main supplier that does the organizing into one package. (cross your fingers for no delays). Then it will take another week or so for international shipping, which is where it is being shipped to me (depending on how fast Vancouver customs work).

Hi! Is my order here yet?

If I did not contact you, your order is not ready and your items are probably not here. Tracking numbers and updates will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and the home page.

amazing (:

i've shopped here before and that was awhile back and im glad that they have new instock and im ready to buy more (:
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